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What's better than dogs? *drumroll*

dun dun dun... Matching with our dogs! In addition to our stylish ID tags to make them the most stylish pup ever, we also offer earring designs matching the ID tags.

▲Tell us what you may have in mind and we'll make it a reality. ▲
 If you need some inspiration, please browse through the few images in this listing and let us know if any shapes/style catches your eye. Allow us to make your imagination come to life and we can experiment with different shapes, colours and combinations together to curate your dream pair of matchy earrings with your pet!


1. Submit an order by filling in the fields given 

  • Description of the design 
  • * IMPORTANT: Design intricacy - you can choose to order a simple or a more intricate tag!
  • A 'SIMPLE' one would include things like changing some colours from our existing tag designs, marble, ombre designs.
  • An 'INTRICATE' tag would include more little details that include things like clouds, mountains, flowers, etc. 
  • If you are unsure, do drop us a DM and we will advise you accordingly.

2. Based on your request, I will reach out to you via instagram DMs/chat function on this site to share with you a number of sketches of the ID Tag for you the select the one you like best. Sketches will include 1 revision only.
3. If you have a picture reference, feel free to send it to us via our website's chat function, email, or instagram DM. We would be happy to chat with you for us to clarify and to align your expectations of the earrings!

4. We will proceed to make your order. Please allow us a lead time of 3-4 weeks as these are made to order products ^.^
Our earrings and tags are 100% hand-made using polymer clay, and oven-baked to produce a matte finish that are flexible and bendy. So rest assured, they are not as brittle as you may think! Please also understand that we do not accept returns or exchanges for custom orders! :)

5. Revisions are limited per order. Quantities of revisions will be reviewed on a per order basis.

Care Tip:

To allow the longevity of these ID tags, do not let it come in contact with too much water. Meaning, no swimming or showering in 'em! To clean, simply wipe dry with a damp cloth or baby wipes. 

Customer Reviews

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So original !

I bought some earing with a samoyed on it for a Friend. She just loved it so much !! I looked for so much website to find someting similar but, Ayalabella is the only store with such a great product.

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