Koda Petals ID Tag
Koda Petals ID Tag

Koda Petals ID Tag

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These ID tags are the perfect addition to your dog's closet in a bid to make them the most stylish pup ever! 

Buying Polymer Clay Tags

These tags are 100% hand-made using polymer clay, and oven-baked to produce a matte finish that are flexible and bendy. So rest assured, they are not as brittle as compared to other mediums like ceramic. 

We have done several drop tests from ceiling height on the same piece of tag >10 times, and bend tests, and they have resulted in no cracks on the tags. However, due to the nature of polymer clay, they may not withstand the same amount of rough and tumble by your dog like that of leather or resin tags. Please only purchase if you are ok with this. 

Care tip: 

To allow the longevity of these ID tags, do not let it come in contact with too much water. Meaning, no swimming or showering in 'em! To clean, simply wipe dry with a damp cloth or baby wipe. 


NOTE: Please indicate in your order form the colour of the flower petals you’d prefer (Blue/Lilac). If none has been indicated, we will proceed with lilac petals for the tag. Thank you!

NOTE: These ID tags come only with basic split rings. Please select an add-on if you'd like additional charms and/or clasps for easy wearing and removing. 

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