Harnesses 101: The Why’s, How’s, Where’s

Harnesses 101: The Why’s, How’s, Where’s

Most dogs highly enjoy their time and freedom outdoors where they get to discover new places, scents, and meet new or old furry friends along the way! Even for those who prefer to stay home, spending time outdoors is essential for them to get in physical and mental exercise
[Ayla wearing Aylabella Co.’s Camper Leash]
When our dogs are out and about, one of the most important things is to gear them up with a set of walking gear (e.g. harness, collar) that is suitable, safe and secure for them.

Are harnesses or collars better for my dog?

[Aylabella Co.’s Camper Collection]

As a general rule of thumb, if your dog tend to pull a lot whilst on walks, harnesses are usually the better option for them. Look out for harnesses with padding on the chest area as the large surface area of these types of harness reduces pressure on their neck and joints when they pull or lunge forward.
Using the right gear becomes especially important for dogs that are prone to breathing issues or spinal problems. French Bulldogs, for example, have flatter faces and hence more prone to respiratory issues. On the other hand, Dachshunds are long-bodied and hence more prone to Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). Wearing harnesses can help to manage these issues better. 

How do I choose the right harness for my dog?

1. Make sure they fit your dog at the right places
Some harnesses have one adjustment points, some have two, and some even more. Most importantly, ensure a two-finger spacing at their neck and chest area where the harness wraps around. When measuring your dog, remember to take into account their fluff too!
2. Freedom of motion
Your dog’s harness should allow for full freedom of motion. We generally do not recommend harnesses with straps that sit too close to their shoulders as it will impede their walking or running motions. This could cause discomfort or even injury and developmental issues in the long-run.
3. Highly-adjustable
Make sure that the harness are adjustable at the vital points such that they can fit your dog’s body well. 
 [Aylabella Co. Pressed Flowers H-harness]

What types of harnesses are available for me to choose from?

There are many kinds of harnesses available in the market, mainly under two huge umbrellas - padded harnesses and strap harnesses. There harnesses come with a front clip, back clip, or both. There are also different ways to put on these harnesses - head-on, step-in, or clipped on. 
Each dog has their own walking styles and body types, and therefore are suited for different types of walking gear. For instance, major dog pullers are more suited for padded harnesses whilst easy-walkers can go for strap harnesses. Dogs with unique body types are more suited for harnesses with multiple adjustable points so that they can fit nicely on their body to prevent the harness from slipping out during walks. 
The number of harnesses in the market can be overwhelming, but there are some harnesses on our list that could be in your consideration!
1. Ruffwear Front Range No-Pull Everyday Dog Harness
[Credits: Ruffwear
This harness is highly adjustable with four adjustment points so that even for dogs with more unique body shapes, you can easily adjust the harness to allow for an optimal fit. It also comes with front and back padding for more comfortable wear and reduced pressure shound your dog pull on the harness when walking. In addition, This harness has two leash attachment points so that you can attach your leash on both points for added security, or attach your leash on the front hook to discourage pulling. 
[Ruffwear Front Range No-Pull Everyday Dog Harness]
2. 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness
This harness is a strong contender for strap harnesses, undoubtedly. As it’s name suggests, it allows for freedom of movement as it comes with a control loop on the back of the harness that tightens around your dog’s chest if they pull forward. This gradually discourages your dog’s pulling behavior, making walks a more enjoyable experience. It also comes with a front clip and a back clip to attach your leash. Some owners prefer it this way to redirect your dog back to you if they pull.
[Credits: 2HoundsDesign]
While some harnesses are made of tougher and stiffer materials, 2 Hounds’ harnesses are lined with Swiss velvet lining that goes easy against your dog’s fur to prevent matting or chafing. 
[Love Graffiti Blue Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness – Earthstyle]

3. Aylabella Adjustable Padded Harness
[Aylabella Co.’s Bella Cuddles Collection]
Our harnesses are designed to fit dogs with a range of body types and sizes. It comes with adjustable neck and chest points to make sure they fit your pups to a tee. If your dog is a puller, these padded harnesses help spread the pressure over a larger surface area, thereby easing any discomfort or damage to their neck and chest. They are perfect for dogs prone to respiratory or spinal issues, or had a history of trachea problems. It also provides a greater sense of security for dogs that are more skittish. The straps are made of durable nylon and comes equipped with safe and secure buckles that withstands the strength of your dog’s pull.  
If you’re looking for a lightweight harness with a breathable lining that provides comfort and security for your dogs, you can try our range of Aylabella harnesses. 
[Ginkgo wearing Aylabella Co.’s Lush Green Adjustable Harness]
4. Aylabella H-harness
[Seaweed wearing Aylabella Co.’s Dino H-harness and Leash]
If you’re looking for strap harnesses alternative, this harness is a great consideration. It has four adjustment buckles to ensure comfortable fit to prevent chafing and restriction of movements. This style of harnesses are perfect for dogs who pull only minimally whilst on walks and great for use under hotter climates. 
[Aylabella Co.’s Dino H-Harness]

Get the Right Fit!

There are many online stores that you can find a decent harness for your dog. When buying online, it is important that you measure your dog’s size correctly. If unsure, it is best to head down to a store to get your dogs fitted. 
Feel free to head down to our store to get a fitting of our collars, harnesses and other accessories. Get a feel of our leashes and see which lengths are more comfortable for you and your dog as well! As a bonus, if you’re looking for something aesthetic, you’re in luck! Our line of accessories come in a range of different designs and colours from pastels to darker shades. 
At the same time, shop for a myriad of other local and international pet brands to get your fix of pet food, treats, toys, supplements and more. 

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