Our Story

Our company Aylabella Co. started out in a living room without any proper workspace and only a novel product in mind; The Harness Backpack for dogs. We ran through several failed crowdfunding campaigns and were met with setbacks after setbacks. Fast forward a few months later, we pivoted our product offering with the launch of our customized clay tags for pets. To our surprise, we gained many customers from this period of time and it marks the first time when we began to experience the luxury of speaking to our customers on a more personal level. As we started gaining more orders, we decided that we needed a proper workspace to better service our business operationally.

Constance working on the custom ID tags in the wee hours of the morning 

We then cleared out a 100 square feet study room and started working from there, growing our business one customer at a time. As we continued to learn more about the existing pet industry, we recognized a gap in the market for design-driven yet functional dog accessories. We proceeded to launch our very first line of accessories in the next few months and it turned out to be a continued success, as we touched based with both old and new customers supporting our launches. 


Brendon working on the balcony table with Ayla overlooking 

There was still a piece of the puzzle missing — connecting with our customers in person. Therefore, we decided to open a pet concept store located at Woodlands to showcase our in-house line of dog accessories and lifestyle products, as well as to provide a space to bring the local pet community closer. We also hope to provide a more holistic product offering for our customers by bringing in trusted pet necessities, including a curated range of food, treats, supplements and petcare products. Everyday we have a simple goal: to bring greater value to you than the day before.


  The day we signed the lease to our space



Our grand opening weekend where we opened doors to public for the first time


One year in after we decided to take the leap of faith, we are still so thankful for the opportunity to be able to make a difference in the pet industry, advocating for our pets’ health and wellness to come first whilst providing our best for the modern pup and pet owner.



Brendon and Constance