5 Tips on Choosing the Right Treats For Your Dog!

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Treats For Your Dog!

The role of treats play a significant and vital role in forming a strong bond with your dog. However, with the large variety of treats available in the market place, choosing the right treats for your dog can sometimes be a difficult decision. Importantly, there is no one-size-fits-all treat and what is suitable for your dog can be vastly different from another dog.

Here are a few tips to help you make the best and most informed choice.
  1. Always read the labels carefully - be alert to suspicious ingredients! Look for treats that are made with quality ingredients and that have been formulated specifically for dogs. As per the ingredient list, the shorter the better. Often times with long ingredient lists, there may be a handful of ingredients that are unnecessary. Look out for unfamiliar ingredients, or things that are unnecessary. We never want to feed our dogs things that are not needed and unhealthy, such as meat meal (e.g. chicken meal). 

    Ingredients in dog and food are also listed in descending order by their weight. Look out for what comes first on the ingredient list - if it is any form of carbohydrates like grains, it likely has substandard nutritional benefits to your dog. 
2. Choose treats that are appropriate for your dog’s size, breed, and age. Some treats are formulated for puppies while others are meant for older or senior dogs. Choosing one that is in the right life stage for your dog is important as there may be a differing proportion of nutrients and proteins between puppy and senior dog treats. Some senior treats are also formulated to target health issues commonly faced by older dogs. 
3. Choose treats that have added nutrients or added benefits. Be sure to always consider the treats’ nutritional content. Try your best to avoid treats that are high in fat and calories. As a rule of thumb, treats should make up not more than 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake.Great examples are dental chews.
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4. Be mindful of any allergies your dog may have. If your pup is allergic to certain ingredients, look for treats that don’t include them.
There are many single-ingredient treats available today and here are some of our recommendations.
Food For The Good Single Ingredient Treats - Freeze Dried Salmon


Freeze Dry Australia - Freeze Dried Chicken Necks
5. Look out for treats that have shorter ingredient lists. You've probably heard of the saying, “Less is more”. In this case of pet treats, it certainly is true. Giving your furkids single ingredient treats are a good choice as it has just one main ingredient and no added artificial preservatives.
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Finally, don’t forget to check with your vet for advice. They can help you determine the best treats for your pup’s individual needs.

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