Ways To Use Our Hands-free Leash!

Ways To Use Our Hands-free Leash!

Introducing our newest hands-free leash from our "EASE" collection to give you the ultimate walking experience with your dogs. This is designed to make your daily walks with your furry friend even easier and more enjoyable.
These hands-free leashes are the ultimate solution for pet owners who are always on-the-go! You can trust that your dog is secure and safe at all times as these leashes are made of strong and durable paracord material and comes with added locking mechanism in the hooks.
Additionally, with two sturdy stoppers, you can easily adjust the fit of the leash, ensuring that your furry friend is never too tight or too loose. This gives your pet the freedom to explore their surroundings while ensuring their comfort and safety.
There are many ways you can adjust this leash to suit your needs. 

The hands-free experience

1. Crossbody Leash

Adjust the infinity loop to your desired length so you can sling it across your body. 
This hands-free adjustment allows you to have both hands free to enjoy your walk, run or even just grab a coffee on the go while keeping your furry friend close and safe by your side.

2. Crossbody Leash + Slip Leash 

You can also convert the other end of the leash into a slip leash if you’d like!

3. Tie around waist

You can even tie it around your waist!

Other ways of using it

4. Double Leash

This leash has two hooks on the ends that can be attached to the d-rings on each of your dog's harnesses. With this adjustment, you can walk two dogs at once, using just one leash.

5. Double Security

The two hooks on this leash also allow you to provide double security for your dog by hooking them onto the two d-rings on their dog's harness. This feature is particularly useful for pet owners with dogs that tend to pull or try to escape from their leash.

By hooking the leash to the two d-rings on the harness, you can also distribute the pressure and weight more evenly. This can help to keep your dog safe and secure, even in high-stress situations or when encountering distractions on walks.

6. Flexible Leash Lengths

Additionally, the leash is adjustable, allowing for flexibility in length and positioning to suit your needs.

7. Temporary Affixing for Errand Running

Last but not least, if you need to run errands on the go, the temporary affixing to structures like lamp posts allows you to leave your furry friend safely secured while you take care of business. 

Alternatively, if you are out for brunch with your furry ones, you can also conveniently use it as a tether leash to the tables or chairs to keep them close to you! 

Overall, the hands-free leash is an excellent addition to any dog owner's collection. It offers convenience, control, and safety, allowing you to walk your furry friends with ease and confidence. It is a must-have for those who are always on the go with their furry friends. Give it a try and experience the ease of walking your dog like never before!
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