Your Dog’s Birthday Coming Soon?

Your Dog’s Birthday Coming Soon?

If your dog’s birthday is coming up, here’s why you should celebrate their birthday! Dogs are beloved members of your family and celebrating their special day can be a fun way to show them how much they mean to you. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on all the joy and happiness that our furbabies bring into our lives. Not only you’ll show them your appreciation but elebrating a dog's birthday can help strengthen the bond between the owner and the dog. Dogs are social animals and thrive on interaction with their humans. Celebrating their birthday with special treats, toys, and activities can make them feel loved and appreciated.


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If you are looking for a space to celebrate your dog’s special day. Here’s why you should rent our space (Aylabella Pet Concept Store) to celebrate your dog’s birthday party: 

Plenty of Space: Our space is almost 2000 square feet, which means there is plenty of room for your dog and all their furry friends to run around and play. Whether your dog loves to fetch, play tug-of-war, or just hang out with their favorite pals, our enclosed space has enough room to accommodate all their needs.


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Pet-Friendly Environment: Unlike other rental spaces, our space is specifically designed with dogs in mind. We have a range of pet-friendly features, like complimentary diapers and pee pads for dog owners to cater to “accidents” during the party, dog-safe plush toys, a mini ball pit for all dogs to play with and an enclosed private area where we block out all customers to cater to you and your pup’s needs. This will ensure that you, your guests and most importantly, your loved ones feel safe and secure to celebrate your pup’s special day. This means that your dog can run and play to their heart's content without any worry about their safety or comfort.

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Party Services:

  • Pet-Friendly Self Photography Service; Hoshi Studios. We’ve partnered with a pet-friendly self-photography service; Hoshi Studios to capture all the special moments of your dog's birthday party. Hoshi Studios was started by Sebastian Soong; a professional photographer with a decade’s worth of experience. His purpose of starting Hoshi Studios was to allow pet owners to capture memorable pet photos for owner’s keep safe. This means that not only you can focus on enjoying the special day with your furry friend, you and your guests are also able to enjoy this professional pet photography service in the very same space. Truly embracing high quality photos and high quality memories ✨
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  • Decoration Accessories (Optional) : We offer a variety of accessories for rent to make your dog's birthday party a memorable one. From cake stands to dessert table ornaments, we have everything you need to create a perfect setup for your pup's special day. Our customizable letter boards and wool tassels for decorating will add a personal touch to the party. Plus, our dessert display furniture will showcase all the delicious treats you have planned for your furry friend and their guests.
  • Available Ready To Use Appliances (Optional): We also offer ready to use appliances for rent to make your life easier on the day of your dog’s birthday party. Our refrigerator, oven, and microwave are available for you and your party guests to store and warm up refreshments like your dog's birthday cake, snacks, drinks, and food. Our affordable prices will make it easy for you to throw a memorable and stress-free party for your furry friend without breaking the bank.

Premium Pet Supplies: As a pet retailer of premium pet supplies, we offer a wide range of pet products to all pet parents out there. Having all the necessary supplies on hand at our concept store eliminates the hassle of running around town to different stores to gather supplies. You can enjoy the luxury of browsing your store's selection of pet supplies while their pups play and socialize with other furry friends at the party.  

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Connect with Other Dog Owners: Our space is not just a rental space, but also a place where dog owners can connect and bond over their love for their furry friends. By renting our space for your dog's birthday party, you not only give your dog a memorable celebration, but also get the chance to meet other dog lovers and make new friends.


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At Aylabella Co, we believe that every dog deserves to feel loved and celebrated on their birthday. By renting our space for your dog's birthday party, you can give your furry friend the celebration they deserve in a safe and fun environment. So why not book our space for your next dog's birthday party and make it a day to remember!

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Still not convinced? Hear it from our customers! Here are some Lemon8 reviews about our space. 

Jing: come host your next celebration here!!!,%22media_type%22:0,%22author_id%22:%227145762093605504002%22,%22search_id%22:%227212912694004058370%22,%22request_id%22:%227212912694004058370%22,%22rank%22:9,%22channel%22:%22main%22,%22query%22:%22aylabella%22,%22search_from%22:%22suggestion%22,%22event_index%22:1679387920186%7D

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qq & lia: the best event space, trust me 🧸🤍,%22media_type%22:0,%22author_id%22:%227155472933602837505%22,%22search_id%22:%227212912694004058370%22,%22request_id%22:%227212912694004058370%22,%22rank%22:3,%22channel%22:%22main%22,%22query%22:%22aylabella%22,%22search_from%22:%22suggestion%22,%22event_index%22:1679387920158%7D


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