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Aylabella Co. is a humbly-sized business founded on the sunny islands of Singapore.
We provide high-quality, contemporary pet lifestyle products to help pet owners create unforgettable and highly memorable experiences with their pups! Every product in our line are carefully thought out and designed with your needs in mind. 
Owning a pet is a long-term commitment and it comes with many responsibilities,  but definitely a rewarding one. We are here to help make it easier for you by providing genuine recommendations with our list of carefully curated products from pet care, food, supplements, to accessories and lifestyle products.  We hope that our products serve as a reminder for pet owners to take action in putting your pets' health and wellness first. 
In addition, we hope to infuse a stronger connection with our pet community as we open our new Pet Concept Store that carries the entire online range you see here.  
Not only do we aim to fill in the gaps present in the pet industry, we also make sure to give back to society. With every order, $1 will be donated to a local pet shelter. It may not be a huge amount, but we hope that this makes a difference to the lives of shelter and/or stray animals out in the world. We are also grateful that you have decided to come onboard this journey with us to lead the betterment of the welfare of our animals.
Much Woof, 
Brendon and Constance,
Aylabella Co.

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