5 Must-Try Pet-Friendly Eateries for Asian Cuisine Lovers in July 2023

5 Must-Try Pet-Friendly Eateries for Asian Cuisine Lovers in July 2023

If you're a foodie who loves exploring Asian cuisine and can't bear leaving your furry baby behind at home, you're in luck! We've discovered five pet-friendly eateries that will satisfy your cravings for delicious Asian flavors while enjoying the company of your beloved fur babies. From dim sum to hot pot, Korean delights to mouthwatering zi char, and delectable skewers, these hidden gems promise a gastronomic adventure like no other. 

Here are 5 pet friendly eateries we've found for Asian cuisine lovers this month! 

1. Legendary Hong Kong: Dim Sum Delights

Indulge in the art of dim sum at Legendary Hong Kong, a pet-friendly restaurant that elevates the traditional flavors of Hong Kong cuisine. This is an authentic Hong Kong restaurant located in a beautiful two-story colonial building that welcomes your pets at their ground-level covered outdoor area. The restaurant has two stories and includes various outdoor (pet-friendly!) and balcony dining spots.

With its selections of four culinary categories—Roasted Duck and Meat, noodles and Congee, Dim Sum, and Bing Sut—run by expert chefs from Hong Kong, they seek to create an authentic eating experience.

Deep-Fried Cod Fish with Spicy Salt ($18.80), Sauteed Prawns and Asparagus in XO Sauce ($20.80), Sweet and Sour Pork with Fresh Fruits ($18.80), Crispy Chicken ($58), Crispy Luncheon Meat with Salty Egg Yolk ($14.80), Braised Seafood & Leek in Claypot ($20.80), and BBQ Honey Glazed Chicken Drumstick ($9.80) are all recommended dishes.

Treat your taste buds to an array of bite-sized steamed and fried dumplings, fluffy buns, and savory delicacies. While you savor the delicate flavors, your furry friend can relax by your side and enjoy the warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Pets are allowed in the outdoor seating area.

Instagram: @legendaryhongkong

Address: 10A Rochester Park, Rochester Commons, Singapore 139258


Instagram: @gingerthebabypom 


    2. Yunnan AHMS - Hot Pot Haven

Step into Yunnan AHMS, a pet-friendly hot pot paradise where you can embark on a journey of aromatic broths, fresh ingredients, and tantalizing flavors. Share the experience with your pet as you immerse a variety of meats, vegetables, and noodles into the bubbling pot of goodness. The restaurant's pet-friendly policy ensures that your furry friend can join in the hot pot extravaganza, making it a truly memorable dining experience.

They have two buffet menus: A and B. Buffet A offers meats, seafood, greens, surimi, fungi, appetizers, and dispenser fruit punch. All the items in Buffet A, including premium cuts of Wagyu and Spanish Black Pig, a greater variety of molluscs, and specialty dishes such as appetizers and kungfu noodles, are also included in Buffet B. Based on the number of diners, those who have received Buffet B may also avail themselves of a set of mushroom plates and live crabs.

On Liang Seah Street, near the Bugis, you will find a new restaurant called Yun Nan AHMS Hotpot Buffet. It's got a double shopfront with two levels of dining space. In addition, parking is available on the premises and at an adjacent open car park. That's the place where you should go when you want to eat a buffet in Bugis. Good news for late-night kakis: they're open until 2 a.m. every day to satisfy your craving for dinner.

Take note that pets are only allowed in the outdoor dining area, and seating may be limited when it gets crowded.

Address: 26 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189047


  3. Chi Bing - Korean Delights

Satisfy your cravings for authentic Korean cuisine at Chi Bing, a pet-friendly eatery located in The Star Vista that specializes in delectable Korean dishes. From hearty bibimbap to sizzling barbecue, tantalizing stews to flavorful side dishes, Chi Bing offers a range of mouthwatering options to please every palate. While you relish the flavors of Korea, your four-legged companion can enjoy the pet-friendly seating area, creating a delightful dining experience for both of you. Pets are allowed in the outdoor seating area.


These are three iconic dishes we would recommend: seafood pancake ($28.90), steamed egg ($7.90), and soy sauce fried chicken ($21.90). The savory delight of a seafood pancake tantalizes your taste buds with its crispy exterior and soft, chewy center. Packed with an assortment of fresh seafood like shrimp, squid, and green onions, each bite offers a burst of flavors that dance on your palate.

Next up is the comforting goodness of steamed eggs, a dish that showcases the simplicity and elegance of Korean cuisine. With its silky texture and delicate flavor, steamed egg is a perfect harmony of fluffy eggs, fragrant broth, and a touch of soy sauce. It's a dish that warms your soul and brings comfort with every spoonful, leaving you craving for more.

Finally, we have the irresistible soy sauce fried chicken, a dish that combines crispy, golden-brown chicken pieces with a tantalizing sticky glaze. The chicken is coated in a savory soy sauce mixture, creating a harmonious balance of sweet, salty, and umami flavors. Each bite is a delightful explosion of crunch and juiciness, making it an absolute must-try for chicken lovers and fans of Korean cuisine alike.

Instagram: @chibing_sg
Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-43/K4 The Star Vista Mall, Singapore 138617 

Instagram: @memphis_mia


    4. Toto Seafood - Zi Char Treasures

Uncover the hidden gem of Toto Seafood, a pet-friendly zi char restaurant that serves up a tantalizing selection of Chinese-style seafood dishes. From aromatic chili crabs to succulent salted egg prawns, savory stir-fried vegetables to crispy cereal squid, Toto Seafood offers a feast for the senses. Your pet can enjoy the cozy ambiance while you savor the rich flavors that Zi Char cuisine has to offer!

Address: 46 Lor 23 Geylang, Ground Floor Fansida Building, Singapore 388375


 5. SMAC BBQ - Skewer Sensations

Get ready for a sizzling experience at SMAC BBQ, a pet-friendly eatery that specializes in mouthwatering skewers. Founded in May 2017 and specializes in the wholesale of raw barbecue food. They have a storefront in Singapore's Paya Lebar neighborhood that serves to highlight their selection. The trademark house spice rub at SMAC BBQ, which specializes in Chinese Northeastern-style barbecue, has up to 13 different herbs and spices.

Each skewer is a flavorful masterpiece, showcasing the creativity and expertise of the chefs who create them. Whether you're indulging in the smoky aroma of juicy chicken satay, the robust flavors of tender beef kebabs, or the enticing combination of grilled veggies, food skewers are a culinary adventure waiting to be explored. They provide a convenient handheld experience, making them ideal for casual gatherings.

With a pet-friendly seating area, SMAC BBQ allows you to enjoy a delightful meal while your furry friend enjoys the welcoming atmosphere.

For private or shared group dining, portions are scaled appropriately. Budget around SGD $68 per person for a lunch and beverages here; prices are fair; not cheap but also not outrageous.

Pets are allowed at the outdoor seating area.

 Address: 2 Jln Lokam, #01-54 Kensington Square, Singapore 537846

Sizzling Skewers at SMAC BBQ



This July, embark on a culinary adventure with your pet and explore these pet-friendly eateries that offer an unforgettable Asian cuisine experience. From the exquisite flavors of dim sum at Legendary Hong Kong to the aromatic hot pot at Yunnan AHMS, the authentic Korean delights at Chi Bing, the zi char treasures at Toto Seafood, and the sizzling skewers at SMAC BBQ, these hidden gems promise to satisfy both your taste buds and your desire to enjoy a meal with your furry companion. Get ready to treat yourself and your pet to a gastronomic journey filled with Asian flavors and unforgettable moments!

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